Registering a Company in Singapore

Company Registration In Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s favourite places in which to do business. With a robust, dynamic economy and a short, streamlined path to incorporation, it’s no wonder why entrepreneurs from around the world choose our country as their place of business.

Ottavia can guide you through the process, ensuring the most satisfactory result for you and your business partners. We understand the system better than anyone else and are equipped to demystify, simplify and ease this crucial period in your company’s life. Benefit from our years of experience and discover how we could help your company register in Singapore.

Making registering a company simple and easy

While there are multiple aspects and steps to incorporating your company, the overall process takes days, not months to complete. We can provide assistance at every step, helping to avoid common pitfalls and delays and ensuring the necessary procedures are completed accurately and in a timely fashion. A specific guide to the incorporation and registration of a private limited company is detailed in our guide.

We can help you find an appropriate, unique name for your company, as well as prepare incorporation documents and provide advice and templates for your Articles of Association. We also offer the services of a local company secretary and company director and can provide a prestigious local business address, helping you to attain full regulatory and statutory compliance quickly and easily.

Supporting your business from beginning to end

Discuss your needs with our team today and find out how working closely with Ottavia can streamline administrative tasks and ensure that you have the time necessary to focus on your core business processes.

Contact us today on +65 6807 0320 with any questions, or send us a message via our enquiry form or through email at and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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