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Make the switch to Ottavia today and capitalise on our company compliance expertise. We pride ourselves in having invested significantly in our team, technology, business processes, and infrastructure to ensure we are able to provide our clients with an outstanding level of service.

Why make the switch?

Company compliance is a time-consuming and complex aspect of running a business that requires a degree of professionalism, years of experience and expertise to be done effectively. Many companies in Singapore who claim to provide these services and charge exorbitant fees to do so often let their clients down with error prone service delivery, a delayed response time, services which do not cover all compliance needs, and impersonal service. By contrast, Ottavia offers a comprehensive range of efficient and affordable services. As we understand that in business time is money, we have a strict policy of replying to our client within 24-hour on working days.

We ensure a smooth transition

Transfering your company compliance business to Ottavia is incredibly simple and you need only provide our team wish basic information to begin with. We will then communicate with your current provider, prepare the necessary transfer documents, and ensure the switch goes smoothly. Our free EasyTransfer service is free and includes:

  • Professional consultation where you are able to discuss your concerns that you have with your current provider
  • Prepare a service proposal
  • Create a service termination notice on your behalf once approved
  • System setup with company details
  • Send the service termination notice and arrange for statutory file collection
  • Prepare and file documents with the regulatory bodies to inform them of your switch
  • Undertake a review of your compliance status

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