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Corporate secretarial services in Singapore

Record keeping, filing and reporting can be a daunting task, but it’s also a crucial step in growing your business. Most businesses have certain regulatory and reporting requirements if they wish to continue working, and if you’re not sure what exactly the latest requirements are, you may find yourself stuck.

Ottavia provides a specialist team readily available to go through your admin and secretarial duties. Perfect for small or boutique corporations, we provide tailored solutions to our clients, whether you just want someone to keep track of your records, or looking for someone to deal with all the reporting issues.

Complete your reporting requirements with ease

Our services will help you keep track of your records which will, in turn, help improve your business in the long run. Our confidential corporate service will monitor and regulate your files and papers, and keep you informed on any changes in requirements or errors that need fixing.

Whether you’re looking for an assistant, a secretary, or simple someone to organize your files, our service is perfect for those looking to save on expenditure. Ordering an external secretarial service is an ideal option as it doesn’t require extra costs for payroll, holiday or sick leave. Instead, you’ll get the service you pay for, and we’ll handle all the extras.

An experienced team for secretarial and administration duties

With Ottavia, you’ll feel safe knowing that you are you are complying to the reporting requirements of your business. Instead of stressing over the records, documents and admin duties that you can’t get your head around, leave those details to us, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Ottavia takes pride in providing customers with a range of services designed to help your business grow in a competitive climate. If you’re after secretarial services for your business, be it small or large-scale, we’ve got a service for you. Contact our professional staff today to find out more.

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