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company formation services in singapore - how to incorporate in singapore?

Professional Company Formation Services

Ensure you have the expert help you need to succeed in a competitive market. Ottavia is a specialised provider of formation services and administration packages within Singapore. Working primarily with aspiring local entrepreneurs and foreign enterprises, we work to incorporate and provide sophisticated company administration services on an ongoing basis.
Our team has an extensive understanding of the various regulations, procedures, and policies within Singapore’s corporate sector and are more than capable of working with you to ensure your business is fully compliant. Whether you need assistance registering a company for the first time or simply want to expedite the process, we can help. We understand how to incorporate in Singapore better than anyone, and are ready to share our years of experience with you.

Our range of services includes:

Company Incorporation

Ottavia specialises in a variety of formation and registration services including assisting in the regIstration of a private limited company, as well as non-profit organisations, sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships, and foreign affiliates (offices in Singapore).
Being a boutique firm offering customised company incorporation packages, we provide practical advices and solutions that makes business sense in setting up local companies under the most optimal condition. Such value-added services set us apart from other similar firms.

Annual Compliance:

Ottavia can work to manage your compliance and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your regulatory requirements as a private limited company in Singapore. Annual compliance takes onto account all of your firm’s business practices and compliance procedures and will identify areas where your business is at risk of breaching regulation. This process includes preparing your financial accounts, filing an annual return with ACRA and filing an annual tax return with IRAS, just to name a few. We can also work to provide you with a detailed plan to ensure regulatory compliance.

Company Administration:

For established businesses, Ottavia can provide assistance across a number of important administration areas such as drafting shareholder agreements, preparation and filing of annual returns and the maintenance of statutory records. We can also advise on ways to alter and improve business structure and help to facilitate changes. If necessary, we can also assist in dissolution and winding up processes.

Company Secretary:

Singapore’s Companies Act stipulates that there must be a company secretary appointed to oversee the administration and ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Ottavia can provide Singapore businesses with highly experienced secretaries capable of managing all the various responsibilities that this job entails.

Registered Address:

All Singapore companies are required to have a registered office where official documents, notices, and legal communication can be send and also where all the statutory records of the enterprise are kept. The address needs to be a physical location so that it may be visited for the purpose of inspecting registers and documents and needs to be open for 5 business hours a day. Ottavia are able to offer up our own business premises as the registered address for your office and can store all of your statutory records. Our address will be registered under your business’ name with the Company Registrar and will receive and forward all incoming mail to you.

Nominee Services:

The Companies Act stipulated that any Singapore incorporated private limited company must have at least one local director residing in Singapore. The director must be a citizen or have permanent residency and must be ‘ordinarily resident in Singapore’.
For foreign organisations looking to establish a presence in our country, fulfilling this requirement is not always possible with the company’s present directors. To assist with this, Ottavia can provide both temporary and permanent nominee director services as part of registering a company.
A temporary nominee can be put in place if current directors are looking to secure a Singapore working visa whilst a permanent nominee can be established if the directors have no intention of working locally in the near future.

Making administrating and registering a company easy

Speak to the professionals at Ottavia today and streamline the path to your first business day with our company incorporation packages. Call our office today on +65 6807 0320 or send us a message via our contact page or through email at

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