Business Support Services


Business Support Services

Singapore is one of the world’s commercial capitals and to maintain accountability, transparency, and compliance, there are many business activities which are regulated and require a licence. Although Singapore has a streamlined licensing process for most sectors, its often easier to engage the professional services of a company like Ottavia to ensure the licence is acquired in a smooth, efficient manner.

Ottavia is well versed in using our superior administrative knowledge and expertise to obtain licenses and permits for businesses in Singapore. With an experienced staff of business consultants, lawyers and accountants, we are more than capable of navigating the various regulatory nuances specific to an industry and can work in tandem with your own team to help you obtain the license.

The scope of our services

Ottavia offers a comprehensive business licensing service for companies in Singapore. Our business consultants and lawyers will undertake the relevant research and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all of the licenses which are applicable to your business. Once the correct licence for you needs is determined, we will then assist you in filing the application and then provide support and follow up if additional information or credentials are required by the government body signing off on the licence.

Supporting a range of industries

Ottavia provides support for an extensive number of industries in Singapore including

  • Travel, retail and hospitality
  • Import and export
  • Recruitment

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To learn more about the range of business support services Ottavia provides or Singapore companies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

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