Employment Pass vs EntrePass Comparison

A Comparison of the Employment Pass and Entrepreneur Pass

Although the Employment Pass and EntrePass are both work visas, they each have a unique set of requirements which suit the diverse working needs of the professional and entrepreneurial community. However, many applicants are unsure about which type of visa best suits their intended business activities in Singapore. To help applicants make an informed decision, Ottavia have compiled a guide comparing the two work visa relocation schemes. We are also able to provide consultancy services to help determine the best visa for your particular needs and circumstances.

How are the passes similar?

As they are both working visa, the EntrePass and Employment Pass share a number of similarities including:

  • Both are essentially temporary residency passes which allow foreign nationals to relocate themselves and their immediate family to Singapore
  • The application process for both schemes is similar and requires approval by government authorities such as  the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  • The passes are issued for 1-2 years and can be renewed subject to certain requirements
  • Both schemes open pathways which can lead to permanent residency in due course for both the applicant and their families
  • Each scheme works upon the basis that the applicant will earn income either from the employer they are relocating for or from the revenue generated by their business

How are the passes different?

The passes have a number of crucial differences designed to ensure the government is able to provide working rights to a diverse range of business professionals.

Please refer to the comparison table below for more information

Who can,apply?Business,owner / shareholder who holds at least 30% shares of the newly setup companyFor,skilled employee
When can,I apply?You may,apply either before the company is setup or within 6 months of the,incorporationOnce the,company is incorporated
What are,the general criteriaBusiness,idea which is innovative, local hiring, meeting the spending requirements,,applicant's proven track recordEducation,qualification, relevant working experience and the sponsored company's,credential
Minimum,investment / capitalMinimum,S$50,000No,specific requirement. However the capital can be considered as one of the,factor when assessing the pass
Hiring,of local staffYes, it,is part of the renewal requirementsNo,specific requirement.
Business,SpendingYes, it,is part of the renewal requirementsNo,specific requirement.
Processing,time4 - 6,weeks2-3,weeks
Pass,Validity1 year1 - 3,years, subject to authority's discretion
Can I,bring family member?Not for,the first yearsubject,meeting the minimum salary requirement
Can I,apply for Permanent Resident in Singapore (in future)?YesYes